Transform Lives: Help SCOPE Foundation Break the Cycle of Poverty and Suffering for Uganda’s Children with Imprisoned Parents.

Many children in Uganda have to grow up without their parents because their parents are in prison. These children struggle daily to access basic needs like education, health care, clothing, and proper feeding. They also have limited opportunities for long-term development. Moreover, they are highly vulnerable to child abuse and discrimination.

But you can make a difference!

By supporting the SCOPE Foundation, you can help provide holistic and tailored support to these children, their incarcerated parents, and their caregivers. Help today, to create a better tomorrow.

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Join Us in Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents in Uganda Thrive

Every child deserves a chance to thrive, but for many children in Uganda whose parents are in prison, hope and a bright future seem like a fairy tale.

The criminal justice system in Uganda doesn’t practically cater to their needs, leaving them vulnerable to poverty, violence, abuse and deprivation. Most of them drop out of school, while many struggle to feed themselves, let alone get health care. Access to basic needs is a miracle for them. They often suffer a lot of stress and depression.

These children need help and support to overcome the challenges they face daily and unlock their potential. They need a caring hand to count on. Will you be that hand?

Help today a vulnerable child in Uganda who is facing parental incarceration. Your gift will give a child an education, a safe and supportive environment, and resilience.

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Breaking the Cycle: How We Empower Children In Uganda Whose Parents Are In Prison

We Nurture Their Academic And Leadership Potential

By investing in their education and talents, we equip them with the skills and confidence they need to become proactive future leaders and change-makers in their communities and beyond.

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		social worker extending a family support visit

We Foster Healthy and Supportive Relationships

By strengthening the bonds between the children, their parents, their caretakers, and their peers, we create a network of care and support that fosters their resilience and grit.

Help Us Build Stronger Families

We Help Them Cope With Trauma and Stigma

By providing them with emotional and psychological support, we help them heal from the trauma and stress of parental incarceration, and empower them to cope with their feelings and experiences.

Heal A Child's Emotional Wounds

We Train Them to Advocate For Their Rights and Justice

By empowering the children to speak up for their rights and interests, we enable them to challenge the injustices and inequalities that they encounter in the prison system and in the society.

Help Kids Fight For Justice

Stories of Grit and Resilience for Children With Incarcerated Parents in Uganda

Featured Story

Meet Tina, a 14-year-old girl from Jinja, Uganda, whose dream is to be a lawyer, fighting for the justice of the less priviledged. Her father is incarcerated, and she faces many challenges in her life. How does she cope with her situation and pursue her goals? Read Tina’s story to discover how she overcomes the odds, with the help of SCOPE Foundation.

Various words and phrases may be used to describe children with incarcerated parents. Not to stereotype or label them, but to show the unique challenges and or strengths they possess. Some of these words include: collateral victims, potential offenders, at-risk, vulnerable, helpless, poor, hopeless, paranoid, angry, stressed, school drop-outs, resilient, brave, and others. Here, we share some of their stories of resilience and grit

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Tina’s Story

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